Sponsor Spotlight: Pet Wants

We are very excited to present our first Spotlight Sponsors, Carlos and Gloria DeLeon, of Pet Wants North in San Antonio. We are thrilled to host many of our Bark Savvy events at Pet Wants. They have an amazing product and mission that makes them an outstanding company. In March, they donated 165 lbs. of dog food to a local pet charity. Thanks to generous sponsors like Pet Wants we are able to offer great events to the pet community, so be sure to check out their website, Like their Facebook page, and stop by their store for a free sample, which your pet is sure to love!

1. What makes your company Bark Savvy? We specialize in pet nutrition specifically in dogs and cats.

2. Describe your business, and the clients you serve. We make fresh dog and cat food made once per month with high-quality ingredients. We deliver for free and we serve customers that care about the health of their furry kids.

3. What sets your company apart from other companies? What makes us unique is that we make the food fresh, we sell by the pound and we deliver for free.  We have the freshest kibble in the market.

4. What caused you to get into your business? We got into this business when we saw the physical results in our baby mini schnauzer Charlie. She is very healthy now, you have to try this food to become a believer.

5. What is the most fulfilling part of your business? Hearing how our food has changed the lives of the pets of our customers, that is very motivating and fulfilling.

6. What is the most challenging? The most challenging part is convincing people this it is amazing food; it takes a lot of educating.

7. Where do you see your business in 5 years? Hopefully with hundreds of new healthy furry customers.

8. How can clients contact you? Clients can stop at our store 5123 N Loop 1604 W Suite 105, call us at (210) 239-6780, visit our website  or download our app in the iPhone app store or Google play apps PET WANTS SA NORTH.



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